Overview - TECH TOC Conference

TECH TOC - Terminal Operations Conference is one of two conference tracks at TOC Asia.  TECH TOC is free-to-attend for all particpants.


The TECH TOC Conference at TOC Asia brings together terminal operators and users with planners and designers, equipment and technology providers to discuss current industry challenges and innovative responses.

2017 & 2018 has bought with it a welcomed return to global demand growth according to latest analysis from Drewry with strong cargo growth rising to the 4% mark compared to the capacity increase for the industry of around 3%. With supply and demand continuing to edge closer together, the liner industry is now returning to the profits that it saw before the financial crash of 2008. 

An industry that has suffered for nearly 10 years with sluggish cargo demand, continued over-supply of trade capacity and freight rates falling to historic lows can now look ahead with renewed optimism.

The focus this year will be on: How to utilise the creative use of technology to save money and time, plus how to collaborate
(digitally and otherwise) with customers, cargo owners and landside supply chain operators will be explored in a series of focused, free-to-attend debates, presentations and workshops.  

TECH TOC Conference will focus on: