Unleashing the value of new technology – changing processes, changing mindsets, connecting data

With an astounding $14.2 trillion of new global wealth  to be realised through Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies by 2022, according to the World Economic Forum, now is the time for industry members to join up and develop comprehensive innovation strategies which will enable information to flow much more seamlessly between the many different players and actors who make up today’s often lengthy, opaque and fragmented supply chains.

The potential benefits of digital transformation as explored by multiple supply chain stakeholders speaking at TOC over the past 5 years are extraordinarily diverse, including:

  • Improved visibility, velocity and coordination of physical cargo flows and processes 
  • Earlier awareness of disruptions and more time to execute contingency plans 
  • Improved utilisation, management and maintenance of physical supply chain assets 
  • Better forecasting and predictive modelling to proactively avoid problems before they occur
  • Faster and more personalised customer service 
  • Reduced environmental impact and waste along the chain 
  • Creation of new business models and value streams

Digital platforms are widely viewed as the cornerstone of the next phase, combining disparate data flows on a massive scale. A huge amount of work is now going on here both by the private and public sectors, and no facet of commercial and
operational activity will likely be left untouched.

Blockchain is increasingly seen as a core technology to put the trust into distributed data systems, with IoT telematics and sensors generating real-time data flows from a huge variety of smart, connected things. Meanwhile, big data analytics,
AI and machine learning should in theory help make sense of this massive wealth of information and expose key trends that are largely invisible to the human eye.

The port call optimisation initiative unveiled at TOC Europe 2018 by Rotterdam and Hamburg is just one recent example of data-driven collaboration to improve supply chain asset and flow efficiency, linking up digital platforms to reduce vessel berthing times in the North Europe area, with tangible cost, time and environmental benefits. “We are now at the stage of connecting systems, even though we are two competing ports – we need to change the mindset’’, said Joyce Bliek, Director of Digital Business Solutions at the Port of Rotterdam. Port call optimisation is now set to go global with engagement from major hubs and this will among the focus areas for TOC in 2019.

Hamburg and Rotterdam are also among the growing number of transport infrastructure and asset operators – from ships, to cranes, to trucks, containers, ports, railways, roads and more – looking to leverage smart digital and automation
capabilities that can make their investments more durable, resilient, reliable and efficient, including better utilisation, predictive and preventative maintenance, operational optimisation and improved safety. “We need sensors on everything,” container terminal operator APM Terminals challenged equipment suppliers at TOC Europe a few years back.

TOC Asia

9 – 10 April 2019

Marina Bay Sands Singapore



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