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1) Please tell us a little about your company and what you will be showcasing at TOC Asia 2023

Offering accurate sensor solutions to improve reliability, predictability and safety of operations, plus

reduced environmental impact on container terminals is the business of Arck Sensor.

Crane automation and operation safety at container terminals with accurate and robust sensors:

- Load movement measurement

- Stacking accuracy assistance

- Boom to vessel anti-collision

- Anti-collision crane to crane or to vehicle

- Vehicle positioning

Arck Sirrah Sensors have been used for 25 years in many leading ports worldwide for sway

measurement on Rail Mounted Quay Cranes, Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, Rubber Tyre Gantry

Cranes and Over Head Bridge Cranes.

2) Who are you hoping to meet?

  • Crane manufacturers
  • Spreader manufacturers
  • Port authorities
  • Drive suppliers and integrators
  • Port operators

3) Why is the APAC market so important to you?

APAC is the market where we can find the biggest ports and the most automated container terminals.

Also, the oldest and the most important customers for Arck Sensor have HQ in the APAC area.

4) What are your plans, goals and ambitions for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

Our ambitions are to get the global overview of APAC port business and introduce our latest sensor solutions.

Beyond 2023, our plan is to remain a reliable and innovative supplier for our current and future customers.

5) Why do you consider it important to be at TOC Asia?

10 years of attendance have shown us that it is the place to meet the major actors of APAC area and beyond.

6) What message do you have for the TOC community who will be in Singapore?

Our French technology remains accurate robust and innovative.