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Huynh Thy - STAND F2

1) Please tell us a little about your company and what you will be showcasing at TOC Asia 2023

Founded in 2010 with the motto “We sell more than just products, we sell total productivity solutions”, Huynh Thy has become a well-known reliable provider of equipment, services, and solutions for port & logistics industries in Vietnam.

Over the course of 13-year development, Huynh Thy takes pride in contributing to the modernization, enhance operational efficiency of Port & Logistics in Vietnam by:

  • Successfully introduce and dominate 80% market share of new STS/RTG in Vietnam, together with our principle Mitsui E&S.
  • Together with Mitsui E&S, successfully fabricate RTG in Vietnam.
  • Provide 50% of terminal tractors, together with our manufacturers including Terberg, Shacman to Viet Nam market.
  • Introduce more options for customers in automation ecosystem from Visy, Paceco, RuggOn.
  • Providing full rental packages for equipment, including full technical services.
  • Providing services hub for customers, including spare parts consignment stock.

We prioritize and tailor innovative solutions to optimize port equipment investment and enhance operational efficiency in collaboration with partners across the Vietnamese seaport industry.

With over 13 years of operational experience, Huynh Thy stands on a solid foundation that affirms the quality of our products and services, catering to a diverse customer base. This assurance extends to the unparalleled growth experienced by partners worldwide who choose to collaborate with Huynh Thy and enter the Vietnamese market, following the successful example set by Mitsui E&S.

We come to TOC ASIA 2023 to share the events’ vision “Connecting the Port & Container Supply Chain Community across the APAC Region Once Again”. We emphasize the Power of Connection and would like to Power the Connection between

-        customers’ needs and suppliers’ expertise;

-        Vietnam development with outside investors;

-        local cultures and global collaborations.

We are showcasing ourselves to the world.

2) Who are you hoping to meet?

We look forward to meeting with experts in the fields, port owners, manufacturers to share and to learn from each other and embrace the cooperation.

3) Why is the APAC market so important to you?

The APAC, particularly Viet Nam, is our homebase. It has outstanding economic growth, high trade volumes, ongoing infrastructure development, strategic geographical location, technological advancements, government initiatives, population growth, and a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability. It is important to people from all over the world, thus, even more importance to us.

4) What are your plans, goals and ambitions for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

We are seeking for long-term strategic partnerships in providing reliable, quality, pioneering solutions for our customers' sustainable development and growth. Our specialties including:

-        Rental Package: to be responsible for all investment, technical services, to let our customers peace of mind to focus on business operations.

-        Joined operation: to jointly invest and operate the terminals, to share with customers all burdens, to create mutual growth.

-        Service Hub: to release customers from the duty of part stocking, workforce managing, to take responsibility in keeping customers' equipment in the best operating conditions.

-        Alternative greener fuel and technology.

5) Why do you consider it important to be at TOC Asia?

Because TOC Asia is “The Destination for Port Solutions” and the place “Connecting the Port & Container Supply Chain Community” across the APAC Region, where we can connect and be connected.

6) What message do you have for the TOC community who will be in Singapore?

We evaluate the Power of Connection and look forwards to Powering our connections with you.