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Tele-Fonika Kable- STAND B5

1) Please tell us a little about your company and what you will be showcasing at TOC Asia 2023

We are cables manufacturer and our company focusing on specialised cables for industrial sectors like ports, mining, tunnels, railway, renewables, etc. We would like to present our TFCrane cables, which are advanced power and control cables designed for mobile applications requiring high operating speeds. These cables are particularly suited for material handling equipment like cranes, hoists, and similar devices that demand cable movement. Our showcase at TOC Asia 2023 will spotlight our expertise in crafting cables that excel in demanding environments, especially within ports, shipyards, and handling terminals. Additionally, we'll highlight our cutting-edge laboratory dedicated to advancing Extra High-Speed Cables, aimed at enhancing cable designs for mobile applications. This aligns with our commitment to innovation and improving cable performance.

2) Who are you hoping to meet?

We are eager to connect with industry professionals, engineers, and decision-makers who are involved in the maritime and logistics sectors. We hope to engage in discussions with potential partners, customers, and collaborators who share our interest in optimizing cable solutions for high-speed mobile applications.

3) Why is the APAC market so important to you?

The APAC market holds significant importance for us due to its rapidly growing industrial and infrastructural development. As the demand for efficient material handling equipment rises in ports and terminals across Asia, our TFCrane cables can play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and safety. By participating in this market, we aim to contribute to its progress while also showcasing our commitment to innovation.

4) What are your plans, goals and ambitions for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

For the remainder of 2023 and beyond, we have ambitious plans to further refine our TFCrane cable designs based on the insights gained from our research program. We intend to expand our market presence across Asia, forging partnerships with local entities to ensure our cables' availability and optimal performance in various applications. Our goal is to establish TFCrane as the go-to solution for high-speed mobile cable requirements.

5) Why do you consider it important to be at TOC Asia?

Being at TOC Asia provides us with a unique platform to interact directly with key stakeholders in the Asian maritime and logistics sectors. The event allows us to present our advanced cable solutions and highlight the potential impact they can have on enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and overall performance in material handling applications.

6) What message do you have for the TOC community who will be in Singapore?

To the TOC community attending the event in Singapore, we extend a warm welcome. We invite you to visit our exhibit to explore the innovative capabilities of our TFCrane cables. These cables are not just products; they represent a commitment to excellence, safety, and efficiency in material handling. Our message is one of collaboration – let's work together to optimize operations, drive growth, and elevate safety standards in the dynamic world of material handling. We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations and building partnerships that will shape the future of the industry.